Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The New Right

              Within minutes of the conclusion that President Obama was re-elected, conservatives everywhere were already discussing the needed changes to the GOP in order to elect a Republican in 2016. The consensus seems to be a shift to the center.

              One of my professors discussed with me that the reason the GOP is deterring votes is due to its focus on the social issues at hand. Republican candidates seem to hold a strong view on abortion, gay marriage, death penalty, etc., but not as strong of a opinion on job creation or economical stimulus. Also, Americans are more likely to have differing views on the social issues and instead of focusing on other issues they tend to write off a candidate who does not agree with their view.

              In order for a Republican President to be in the White House after the next four years, the GOP needs to re-align itself with the original principles the party was concerned with in the late 1980s. If we focused on balancing a budget, cutting government spending, and job growth we will attract more voters than focusing on controversial social issues.

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